Let There Be Love

This is a show for anyone who has been elated and/or deflated by Love.

Claudia Morris has a new show, Let There Be Love, which looks at love through the Great American Songbook and more contemporary songs.

Take note, Claudia Morris is going on the road again with a new musical production, Let There Be Love. Grab this opportunity to kick back and enjoy Claudia's entertaining and moving exploration of Love won, Love lost and finding your feet again, recounted through hits of the past and present, some from the Great American songbook and some from more contemporary sources.

Always a lover of heartfelt popular songs, Claudia is following up her two successful UK tours "Secret Love", her much loved show about the life and songs of Doris Day with a new production that explores the ups and downs of Love through a medley of hits. These hits have influenced the careers of household names from Ella Fitzgerald and Doris Day to Bob Dylan and Eva Cassidy.

The “Great American Songbook” is the canon of the most important and influential American popular songs and jazz standards from the early 20th century…

"The music of the Great American Songbook offered hope of better days during the Great Depression, built morale during two world wars, helped build social bridges within our culture, and whistled beside us during unprecedented economic growth. We defended our country, raised families, and built a nation while singing these songs.” The Great American Songbook Foundation.

From her early days as an actress in London, Claudia was spotted for her musical talent and went onto appear in a number of West End Musicals, subsequently developing a career as a highly praised Jazz singer touring the UK and playing some of London’s hottest Jazz clubs. 'Let There Be Love' showcases Claudia's versatility through a range of styles from Jazz to pop.