CD Review: Claudia Morris: Secret Love: A Celebration of the Music of Doris Day

Claudia Morris (vocals); Malcolm Edmondstone (piano/Fender Rhodes/arranger);  Andrew Bain (drums/percussion); Julian Jackson (bass); Freddie Gavita (trumpet);  Simon Allen (saxophone); Iain Mackenzie (backing vocals).


This is not an easy CD to review because it is simply so good that there is not much to say except 'listen to it for yourself'. Claudia Morris has a sweet pure-toned voice with excellent diction, you'll be able to hear every word. She doesn't imitate Doris Day but has her own distinctive style and she sings in 'English', that is, without any trace of Americanisms, which emphasises the universal quality of the songs. The musicians are more than up to the task; they have short solos as the emphasis is on the singing.


My favourite track is the most minimalist one: I'll Never Stop Loving You - try listening to this without a tear in your eye; it's just a single chorus of voice, piano and emotional truth. This track is wisely followed by an upbeat I've Got The Sun In The Morning, showing a sensible track order, for people who listen to CDs straight through. The first track, Sentimental Journey, is typical of the whole CD, it opens with voice and light drums, has piano and guitar solos, call and response between voice and guitar, and a little tasteful scat added to the mix. Other tracks include Orange Coloured Sky; Shanghai; Day By Day; Love Me Or Leave Me; Perhaps, Perhaps; and the final track is a slow version of Secret Love. Enjoy!


The CD, due for release in September, actually showcases songs from a new musical play Secret Love, which is set to tour the UK this Autumn. The Play celebrates the life and music of Doris Day. For more details about Claudia Morris, the CD and the play, go to


P.S. Worth adding to your Xmas list.